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SPECTUM E-2000 Mobile C-Arm X-ray Imaging System

E-2000 mobile C-arm x-ray imaging system has been designed to provide the optimum image quality with minimum doses. It meets the today’s increasing imaging demands and the surgeon’s requirements in general surgery, intensive care, urology, orthopedics, emergency, outpatient care, vascular and neurosurgical procedures.  

The E-2000 features easily movable manual operation, resulting in smooth and efficient positioning. The system main features are:

  • Powerful digital imaging system
  • New design that includes an entirely imaging system with advanced image quality
  • Optional cardiac capability with 1k x 1k imaging technology
  • Optional DICOM internal interface
  • Flexible C-Arm movements
  • Mobile and easy handling
  • Movable trolley with high resolution double monitors.
  • DVD/CD writer, optional  hard copy film or printer
  • Simple user interface

The precise combination of the mobility, compact design and the x-ray generator, CCD camera with high definition Image intensifier, and our digital accurate imaging, creates a co-operative technology that deliver the most complete perspective to the surgeon.

Functionality: E-2000 guarantees ease of use and high versatility, thus helping to compile with economic requirements and work efficiency targets.

Mobility: High standards in terms of mobility and ergonomic design were set. The E-2000 C-arm is lightweight in which all its movements are fully counterbalanced in any position to facilitate fast and effortless projection changes. The high level automation of movements and the mechanical precision allow fast and effortless positioning. The combined steering and braking lever enables accurate positioning anywhere in the operating theater.

Versatility: The one touch controls ensure full utilization to the system’s functional potential without the need of extensive effort.

High Performance: the image process software is designed to furnish top-quality images with possible lowest radiation doses.

Imaging system: the E-2000 is a fully framed mobile technology. It is DICOM compatibility system.

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