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Cardiac Catheterization Lab with Flat Panel Detector


E-5000 floor mounted cardiac Catheterization Lab with Flat Panel detector represents the EMD vision towards new potentials and future possibilities in the cardiovascular and interventional cardiology with an emphasis on speed, agility, precision and safety. The system main features are:

  • Single Plane Flat Panel detector
  • Floor mounted Cardiac C-Arm
  • 20x20, 30x30 Flat Panel detector
  • Optimal Patient Access
  • it consists of an enhanced tools for diangnosis and treatment.
  • Smooth C-Arm movements that allow rapid access to desired position.
  • Cardiovascular and interventional applications
  • 1 K2 image acquisition and processing
  • Excellent image quality on large patients
  • Joystick controllers
  • Smooth table movement
  • Fast and accurate
  • Ergonomic design

There is another type of E-5000 with Imaging Unit 9" or 12".  E-5000 with Imaging unit is an advanced design which provides high precise image quality at low x-ray dosage. 

 The flexible and ergonomic architecture of both designs of E-5000 permit an easy to use the cardiac catheterization system for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

It is a powerful, cost-effective cardiac imaging system with an exceptional high- definition digital cine capture, management and recording capabilities. The system is designed for a worldwide market. Its application features and power capabilities accommodate international standards for hospital cardiovascular environments.

All C-arm movements are motorized and combined with automatic image rotation. An ergonomically designed, movable tableside operator console, with touch sensitive joysticks allows for smooth and precise control of the L/C positioner.

Some items from the Image processing software:

  • PACS/Network Storage
  • Digital memory DICOM classes.
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  • QCA/LVA Software
  • Coronary analyses programme.
  • Stenotic calculations with geomatric and densitometric Stenosis.
  • Peripheric Vascular calculations.
  • Ejection Fraction (EF)
  • Road mapping.
  • Pixel shifting.
  • Frame rate up to 32 frames per second
  • 14-bit acquisition and processing
  • Pulsed or continuous digital fluoroscopy
  • Cine loop capture in solid state memory
  • On-line acquisition review
  • Electronic zoom with pan and scroll
  • Brightness, contrast, & inversion
  • Reference image frame selection
  • Multi-rate cine loop replay
  • Image annotation
  • Post acquisition real-time image reversal
  • Edge enhancement
  • Positive & negative image inversion

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